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Leith St Andrew's Parish Church

We were recently contacted by someone whose great (or possibly great great) grandfather had been an elder in Junction Road Church at some point. He was either John or Robert Gibson. Somehow the chalices had remained in his possession and she was keen to return them to where they should be. We are grateful that she tracked us down and that the chalices will now be kept with the other silverware from St Thomas-Junction Road Church.

This older chalice is almost 200 years old and dates back to when the Relief Church of Leith was founded in 1822. It originally met in the old Parish Church of North Leith. This is not the current North Leith building but a building off Coburg Street which was also known as St Ninian’s Chapel and which still stands today. In 1823 it was decided to build “their own permanent and respectable place of…

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Sunday Evening Thought

Question mark in the Clyde

This is one of several large and colourful question marks which were installed in the old timber ponds between Port Glasgow and Langbank by Greenock artist Alec Galloway. The river is tidal and the question marks are occasionally covered by the tide.

The reading for today from Matthew 21: 23-32 is full of questions in a standoff between Jesus and the established religious leaders in the temple in Jerusalem. They question him and he doesn’t answer. Instead he questions them back as a better way to change their hearts.   The questions are crucial ones about power, truth and obedience to God.  In the end Jesus tells them a story, gives them a choice and asks “What do you think?” Their answer tells them something of the truth about themselves.

Let us pray:-

Lord God, Thank you that you give us minds to think and choices to make.  May we be blessed with courage and compassion in our questioning and honesty in our answering.   Help us to face the questions which we keep hidden for fear of what the answers may be.  Bless us to be persistent in our search for truth as we follow Jesus this week.   We ask this all in His name,


Katherine Taylor

Prayers of Intercession, Thursday 24 September 2020

20200916_092220Loving God,
We thank you for the opportunities we have to be part of your work.
We thank you that you work through us,
through our time, talents and money,
and sometimes you work despite us.
We thank you for all signs of hope in our world,
and we pray for hope for all people and places going through difficult times.

We pray for everyone involved in combatting the spread of COVID-19,
from the professionals like virologists, politicians and hospital staff
to people like ourselves charged with doing what we can in the way we live.
Help us to think of others.
And give wisdom to all in power,
and may their first thoughts be with those who have the least.
Bring hope, bring the chance of new beginnings.

We think of our country
with so many people facing uncertainty and financial problems.
We pray for all who struggle to feed and clothe their families
and for policy makers who create laws and processes.
May justice and fairness be in their minds.
May compassion and concern for those affected become more rooted in their decisions.

And we pray for people who respond to bring hope:
those who help in food banks and credit unions and other support networks,
in churches and in secular agencies –
give them energy and commitment,
and may their witness help to transform attitudes
and bring about a more caring society.

We pray for people who have been the victims of violence,
whether in the home or on the streets or elsewhere,
whether physical violence or psychological:
be with them and with all who bring support to them.

We pray for those we know who are ill or troubled,
those who are bereaved, those facing difficulties.

And we pray for people on our minds today, especially for:
Peter, Bill B, Evelyn, Jean, Janet,
Emily, Zoe, Gordon and John, Allan, Malcolm,
Eleanor, Andrew, Ela, Jill, John N, Mary,
Yvonne, Bill M, John C, Karen, Mary D, Ceala and Ian.

We bring them to you in silence,
along with other people and concerns on our minds today.


We make all our prayers,
in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord,

Sunday Evening Thought

I like this grape picture.  It looks as though the grapes are being handed to me to cradle, perhaps by the very person who picked them.  There are certainly enough to share because they are spilling over the holder’s fingers but I like to think that they are being handed over as a full bunch.  The Gospel reading for today in Matthew Chapter 20 is a story about some complaining grape pickers.  The bone of contention is that those who were hired at the very end of the day are generously paid for a full day’s work. Those who started at the crack of dawn and have been toiling hard under the hot sun all day get exactly the same. They have been paid their due but, in comparison to the latecomers, it is not fair!  With this vineyard owner, however, there is a new rate of pay based on compassion and need instead of effort and rules.

And so let us pray:-

Lord God, thank you for your generosity to us. This week, help us to count our blessings each day and help us to be a blessing to others too. Fill us with your spirit of generosity, we ask in Jesus’ name.


Katherine Taylor

Prayers of Intercession, Thursday 17 September 2020

20200916_092254In days past and in days to come,
we believe that through noise and silence,
through war and peace,
through hope and despair,
through chaos and calm,
you are with us in the present moment.

For all who struggle to cope with the demands upon them,
Give hope and peace.

For all who want to encounter You, but feel cut off,
Give a way through to find You.

For all who want overcome fears but don’t trust the government,
Give courage and wisdom.

For all who seek better ways of being neighbours, churches, communities,
Give vision and love.

May your presence give strength and hope
to those who work in hospitals and those who are patients;
to those who teach in schools, colleges and universities
and those who are students there;
to those who are stuck at home
and those who feel lonely when among other people.

And we pray for people on our minds today, especially for:
Peter, Bill B, Evelyn, Jean, Janet,
Emily, Zoe, Gordon and John, Allan, Malcolm,
Eleanor, Andrew, Ela, Jill, John N, Mary,
Yvonne, Bill M, John C, Karen, Mary D, Ceala and Ian.
May Your Holy Spirit lift them and encourage them.

Be with the bereaved, and all who have suffered loss.
Be with those who have lost all confidence in themselves.
Be with all who find it hard to trust anyone else.

And where there is good news for people,
help us to celebrate with them
and share in the times people move forward,
make a breakthrough, or find new inspiration.
We thank You for it and the unknown possibilities of each day,
even when things didn’t at first look positive.

We come to you now with our personal prayers
in a moment of silence.


Bless Your people, Your church,
and all who live to bring hope to others;
we pray through Jesus Christ our Lord,

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